Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Antique Masquerade

This weekend I had the honor of having one of my best friends come visit me from Washington, DC. She is one of my most absolute favorite people because of her off-the-wall creative and energetic spirit. She can make nothing into something. And I love her for it.

That being said, she was not the happy on Sunday evening. She had the crafting bug and the local hobby shop was just not in the cards for me. Luckily, I delved into the tupperware craft bin that I have accumulated over the past few years and suggested a mask party. And with a quizzical look, my fantastic friend said, "Why not?". And away went the construction paper, the glue, the scissors flying! Per the craft nazi's orders, we were not allowed to make something or someone. The mask was to be made naturally and just come into being. I ended up with a yellow mask with large eyes and curly hair. I was not allowed to call it Big Bird... so being yellow I cleverly called myself Martha Simpson. I need some sort of structure people!

As I looked at our masks, images of Phantom of the Opera swirled through my mind. The mystery and time period of the production is antique and luminous. The darkness, the embroidered gowns, the mysterious candlelight.

There was the idea for my inspiration board. It may have been a round about way, but I got there. In candlelight, gold catches the light in the most complimentary way. Incorporating the antique golds and pewters against dim lighting and candles, makes for a regal affair. In all my findings, my favorite picture I found was photos of past generations on their wedding day. Framed with antique gold and lit with small tea lights, I love that they incorporated the spirit of loved ones who were not able to celebrate the special day with them.

Keep it sunny!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall.

Down here in the eastern part of the Carolinas, autumn never really spreads it's wings. In fact, it is a cool, crisp 85 degrees today and I have stuck to my guns wearing boots, tights and a dress laden with a nice thick scarf. Sorry, it is October. I refuse to wear sundresses and sleeveless tanks.

While the eastern part of the Carolinas are still hot and bothered, the Appalachian Mountains spread western North Carolina with color, texture and fresh air. On the rare Saturday I do not have any work duties, I try to hop in the car and make the quick three hour drive to Asheville. As you drive over the hill and view the breathtaking mountain scenery, you are immediately relaxed. With local friends, I hike a new trail, visit the sprawling Biltmore Estate or eat some of their fantastic farm to table food.

As an event planner, western North Carolina would be an incredible destination for a wedding. I have, in fact, been to two of them there. They have both been memorable and both involved the phenomenal nature that composes the Appalachians.
Bare with me as I go down memory lane to my favorite wedding...
LINVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - On a sunny September afternoon (leaves were almost about to change), two beloved friends had a small ceremony in an old, stone chapel in the mountains. In front of 50 family members and close friends, the two exchanged vows emotionally and compassionately. The 'Ave Maria' rang out of the chapel and chills ran up and down my spine. It will forever be in my heart as the intimate ceremony where the couple were able to focus on each other and the nature and people around them. As an event planner, I realize that brides want a lot of things and need the perfect day. Sometimes with all the flowers and the linens and the speakers and "Aunt Edna can't sit next to Cousin Rita", it is hard to focus on the underlying reason that one is having the day all together. But on that sunny Saturday in Western North Carolina, as the lazy summer was on the on verge of a vibrant fall, the simple and serene commitment was the perfect way to celebrate their love.
Keep it Sunny!