Thursday, December 17, 2009

If Julie AND Julia can do it, why can't I?

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"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."
Julia Child
Day in and day out, I frantically work with caterers, rental equipment companies, linen companies, invitation designers and so on and so on to create memorable events for our donors and their guests. The work can be fast paced, a bit crazy and always upbeat. There are times I focus on the perfection of the event a little too much..."Is the lighting too much?", "Should I have folded the napkins differently?", "Are these the right vases for the type of flower I chose?". It is so detail oriented that there are times I lose sight of the enjoyment of an event.
Having said that, I found myself scrolling through the titles at the Redbox on Monday evening. Being the foodie that I am, "Julie and Julia" was rented and inserted into my lap top as soon as I entered my humble abode. For two hours and five minutes, I was mesmerized by these two women's stories of trial and error in discovering a passion that they believed in and truly loved. While I am struggling with the same issues myself, this movie helped me decide on a few fundamental principles for my life from here on out.
1) Never stop looking for things that make you happy.
2) Stick with something you have a passion for no matter how many obstacles face you.
3) No matter where you are, an event (a Christmas party, a picnic, an impromptu game night) brings people together to enjoy good company, good food and good times. Everything else is secondary.
While I don't plan to have white linens and plastic forks at my next event, I will pay attention to the good times being had and ignore a few of the high strung questions that fly through my brain.
Keep it Sunny!
The next element inspiration board is coming soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

America's Next Top Event? (Part 1)

It has been over two years since I have been able to push the big red power button on my twelve inch, fifty pound silver box. Correct, I do not have a working television. For the better part of those two years, it was a money saving decision. It still helps the budget quite a bit, but I have become quite proud that I do not have cable, satellite or the dish network. Now I have provided you that information, I can now confess that while I do not have a working television. I rely on my internet to catch up on my various shows. One of my favorite shows is America's Next Top Model. I know, I know. A tad superficial, but I love the creative process of photo shoots, the sets and the runway shows. Last month's finale had two incredible women stomping the runway inspired by the elements - Water, Fire, Wind.

And with that, I decided to create inspiration boards of the elements. This is the first of a four part post that will delve into the four elements - Wind, Water, Fire and Earth.

As I mulled over the elements, water conjures up the ideas of white sandy beaches with crashing waves, a strong waterfall or teeming rain.

For me, Monet's interpretation of water is much more appealing. The"Waterlilies" painting portrays calm, serene flowers floating on an almost still landscape utilizes a palette that many would not associate with the element of water. However, deep purples, midnight blues and bright greens create a complimentary collection of colors that would pop on a table setting or in a floral arrangement. From there, the inspiration board was born.

From the board, I must highlight a few of my favorite things. The flirty green frock comes from a small designer, LulaKate, based out of Charleston, SC. The designer, Katherine McDonald, combines a beautiful fit with gorgeous colors ranging from siren red to bridal white to sunshine yellow. Not only do they look gorgeous on bridesmaids, but they can be worn to cocktail parties and dinner dates long after their dear friend's big day.

Other fabulous accents are the purple satin Kate Spade heels. I go back to her designs time and time again. Kate truly understands the concept of girly and I adore her for it. The other girly accessory is the clutch. Etsy has some great, inexpensive finds for a bridal party or a bride herself.

Water can be viewed in so many ways. Bright blue, powder blue, mossy green or even black. It can be strong and harmful or relaxing and composed. In my life right now, I chose to view water as a slow, flowing element and Monet's interpretation suited my emotions perfectly. And in my opinion, those waterlilies would make a great centerpiece at a gorgeous wedding as well!

Keep it Sunny!