Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fitting a Round Peg into a Square Hole.

As the world turns, I find myself trying to find where I fit. Recently, I left my university job to pursue my own business. I immediately had an anxiety attack, popped a xanax and took another position that I thought would be suitable to enhance my career goals and pay the bills.

Neither has come to fruition. After three months of administrative work (which I have nothing against, but is not my cup of tea), I have decided to hit the road again in pursuit of my personal happiness in career, friendships and love. Many will think I am an absolute mess when they find out. Yes, I am embarrassed and nervous and am a self proclaimed "crazy", but is it really so crazy to seek out what you want in life? So many people sit in an office every day and just live with it. Yes, they pay their bills. Yes, they have a steady and structured life. However, I have never taken the road that anyone else does. As of late, I have feared that I am paralyzed by normalcy. That just won't do. So I am going to (again) pull my self up by my high heels and throw a few more parties.

Keep it Sunny!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Proud!

After I up and left my nice salary and good title to seek out my life, I decided to do a bit of freelance event planning to pay the bills and continue honing my skills. Weddings have always been fascinating to me. Not in the fact that I want to get married anytime soon (I can't even keep a boyfriend), but more because of the emotions I experience watching two people celebrate the love they have for each other. It makes my heart melt.

So, this leads me to my first real wedding I planned on my own. I have had experience with other planners or have watched planners or have attended weddings a million times, but this wedding was all on my own. Not only was it successful (not a dry eye during the ceremony), but it got posted on a website! So Your EnGayed. I even got a shout out! This was truly a shining moment for me. Since then I have done a few more weddings and I plan to continue on this path, but I will never forget this wedding. It was truly special for me.

Keep it Sunny!