Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Proud!

After I up and left my nice salary and good title to seek out my life, I decided to do a bit of freelance event planning to pay the bills and continue honing my skills. Weddings have always been fascinating to me. Not in the fact that I want to get married anytime soon (I can't even keep a boyfriend), but more because of the emotions I experience watching two people celebrate the love they have for each other. It makes my heart melt.

So, this leads me to my first real wedding I planned on my own. I have had experience with other planners or have watched planners or have attended weddings a million times, but this wedding was all on my own. Not only was it successful (not a dry eye during the ceremony), but it got posted on a website! So Your EnGayed. I even got a shout out! This was truly a shining moment for me. Since then I have done a few more weddings and I plan to continue on this path, but I will never forget this wedding. It was truly special for me.

Keep it Sunny!

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